• Tammy Layman-Hall

3 Tips for Managing Your Team's New LMS Expectations

Migrating to a new Learning Management platform is exciting, deliver results by managing expectations early in the implementation process

Ah, new project smell.

Everyone is happy. Excited. Hopeful. New projects have wonderful hope at the beginning.

At long last, all of the problems, quirks, and bad data housed in the old LMS is going to be gone!

Managing the expectations of your team is one of the most difficult and under looked success factors in the implementation of your new learning management system. How do you do that?

Don't Oversell Capabilities

Pay attention to what is being said about the new system. When learners come to your team with a problem in the old LMS, what are your team members saying? Are they saying "Well, this will go away on the new platform."

If so, that's dangerous. While word of mouth marketing is fantastic, encourage honest appraisals of system capabilities. Building up a system that's not in place as the savior for your learning platform burns future success. Mentor your staff to focus on supporting the learner in the current LMS. Encourage them to say, "We're moving to a new system soon, we're tracking suggestions for improvements. We will forward them on to the new LMS developers."

Or something like that, but better worded and more natural sounding.

Keep Gathering Needs

Keep listening to those complaints! Yes, you've probably heard them all. Yes, you have a long list. I get it, I do. Being heard, and feeling like you've been heard goes a long way to shutting down the gossip and growing, unmanageable expectations. So, put down your cell. Turn away from the laptop, and listen to the compliant.

Keep it Real

When you hear the new system being oversold, step in. Remind your team new systems will have issues, too. You just don't know what they are yet. Sometimes, as you're going through the implementation, you long for the familiarity of the old system. As leaders, managing through the chaos of implementation is worth taking on early on.

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