• Tammy Layman-Hall

4 Power Goal Setting Tips No Matter the Time of Year

Taking time to plan out the year creates time

How is it February already? I have been head-down in closing out 2019 and planning for 2020. Like many of you, for me planning is both laborious and invigorating. Ah! The hope of new year. Oh, the lesson learned of the last one. What takes up so much time?

Review your business plan. Pull it up. Now read it. Read your plan with your pencil in hand. Or your comments button active. Compare what you set out to do with what you did. This is usually a really quick process, to review it and say "Eh, not quite." Or, "Nailed it!" (If you don't have one, I can help. Contact me.)

Ask yourself what did not work. Be gentle with yourself. Why didn't it work? Was there a steep learning curve? Then, ask yourself (and be honest here) if you just didn't put the work effort into it. For me, I just didn't put in the effort to get e-learning course examples up on my website. Why not? Well, while I can do e-learning, I do not want to spend the time figuring out widgets in course authoring software. I'd much rather spend my time writing storyboards with SMEs to hand-off to junior instructional designers.

Ask yourself where you are spending your time? If you're not spending time working on your business plan and goals, they aren't going to get done. Now for me, at the end of 2019 I took on a volunteer gig which may be cutting into my profit earning gigs. Like many of you, I've got to weigh if the benefits outweigh the costs of this commitment. Here's an example. I had to learn a new event management system, twice. Still, I'm meeting a lot of great contacts. In January 2020, I started using a time tracking software so that I'm able to gather this data.

Align your yearly goals to monthly, weekly and daily tasks lists. Set your yearly goals. Then, working back from those financial goals, layout how much money you'd like to earn each month. Then, for the first three months set monthly goals. Piece in projects and how much work you're going to book to reach those targets. Next, lay out Weekly To Do's off those goals. Then, each day, plan your Daily Task List for the day to those weekly goals. Then, track to see if you meet those weekly goals and monthly goals at the end of each week. Whew!

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