• Tammy Layman-Hall

Oh, K.I.S.S. Those Pesky Key Fields

K.I.S.S. those key fields in your LMS design

In my humble opinion, key fields are the key to a successful report.

LMS systems like to use those key fields as the report fields. Often in the excitement of migrating to a new LMS, key field identification gets lost in complexity. By keeping key field identification simple, LMS admin will produce results. All too often the consultant will ask the LMS implementation team "What's important to your company?"

Everything! Every detail we need to enter into the database is important! Make it a required field!


Not everything is a required field. Adding more required fields than needed creates unnecessary complexity which impedes system usage.

"What does your company measure?" is a better question to ask when determining required fields. Like all good training programs, when determining required fields, it's best to start with the end in mind.

In the case of required fields, that end is final reports. "What do you measure?"

If sales dollars are measured, then cost is a required field. If compliance is measured, then you're going to need a report listing how many participants have completed the compliance training (or better yet, curriculum!). You'll need a field identifying it as compliance training or not. If training hours are tracked, you're going to need a field for number of training hours (or credit hours).

As a team, ask what do reports do your customers ask you for? Is it ROI? Is it hours? Is it butts in seats? Is it competencies completed? Is it smile sheets? Referrals and recommendations? Abandonment? Courses completed at 80% or higher? Odds are, I'm willing to bet, very business-y with costs per head, profit/loss, and budgetary.

Remember, as you're going through and identifying those key fields, if you make them required, then you are going to have to input it EVERY TIME they create a new course. Following the time-tested K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid when determining the key fields.

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