• Tammy Layman-Hall

3 Ways to Scrub Data for Migration to a new LMS

Before migrating data into a new learning management system take the time to clean it.

Ah. The great data scrub.

Most team members agree scrubbing the data before migrating it to a new platform is a noble task. Few will step up to the task. There are different ways to approach this daunting task:

Draw a Line in the Sand

Own up to the dirt. Run a final report. Download data to archive files. Vow to start anew. Write policies, procedures and work instructions to ensure new data goes in clean.

Export Only What You Need

Identify the courses and learning resources you use. Pay attention to those items which bring value. Scrub those pieces. Archive the rest.

Export Everything. Divide and Conquer.

By far the most thorough method of data scrubbing. Hands down the most tedious way to scrub. Ask your team to walk through every line item. Identify duplicates. Merge into single records. Verify record details. Call to confirm information. Review each course for accuracy. Identify what needs to be updated, archived and promoted. Then, do it.

Which method you use to scrub depends on how your organization uses the LMS. Often, reports, needs and timelines dictate which records you are going to need. If you are migrating employee training records, safety and compliance training are going to be needed for upcoming audits.

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