• Tammy Layman-Hall

6 Time Management 101 Tips

Effective time management skills never go out of style.

When I began my professional career, I fell in with a great first team. I attended and became certified in time management and personal productivity. Back in the day, it was all the rage. Now, I see how wonderfully beneficial that experience was for me. A few of the key time management fundamentals are still true.

Know Your Foundation

Learn what you value. What is important to you? Do you value integrity? Success? Money? Family? Friends? Adventure? Take a moment to figure out your foundation. I like FranklinCovey's personal mission statement builder.

Define Your Own Success

Take time to define what success looks like TO YOU - not your folks, not your friends - YOU. Do you want a big house? Fancy car? Time with your kids? Travel?

Learn to Set Goals

Learn how to set SMART goals. Yes, it's trite. They work. We all know they work. Use the acronym. Use it effectively.

Align Your Goals to Your Success Definition

Now that you've set your goals, do they align with your definition of success? If they don't, well, get back to work.

Work Your Plan

Set aside time every day to work on achieving your goals. Use a planner or other time management tools.

Track & Measure

Keep track! Not just achievements, track the time you are spending working towards the goals. Goal achievement takes a bit of effort and work. Be sure to track your progress - even if it's over years.

In sum, as much as things change, the principles of time management remain. Brush off your time management tool kit. Dive back into goal setting and to do lists. Your writing will thank you for it.

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