• Tammy Layman-Hall

4 Tips for Accepting the Changes Coming with Your LMS Upgrade

Conquer your fear of system upgrades through education

One of the LMS I work with is shutting down at the end of next month. Just comfortable in navigating this system, the course demands are lining up for the next year. New courses, with multi-tracks all in a new, untested system. My first reaction is to panic. List my concerns. Resign.

However, being that this is my fifth or sixth (I've lost count at this point) I have a good handle on what to do.

  • Make time to educate myself. They host offers free tutorials to help transition into the new system. While it's not my most preferred way to spend my time and there are many other demands on my time, making time to educate myself on what to expect will pay off.

  • Review information in the system. This is a great time to make a back-up export file. This is a great time to close out abandoned courses which have expired. This is also a good time to determine what to keep.

  • Clarify team expectations. What information do they need to keep? What information are they going to have to archive. This is a great time for me to making lists.

  • Manage expectations. All to often, the new system's abilities gets built up bigger than what it will be able to deliver in those first few months. Now is a good time to say, "We may NOT know how to do that with this first class in this new system. Yes, I know the old system could do it. We need to figure out how to do it in the new system."

Most importantly, managing attitudes towards the old and the new system as migration takes place. Attitude makes the difference in so much of what we do, in a system migration it can be one of many success factors.

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