• Tammy Layman-Hall

5 Actions to Take When Your Niche Is Not Hot

What to do when your niche is not hot

Writing what you know is one of many keys to success. For me, what I know and what my niche is ...is not at the moment...hot.

So, what do I do?

  1. Keep on, keeping on. Being an expert in an area pays off. Even if being an expert in that area is not hot at the moment. Stay on top industry news. Being out in front on your topics will pay off.

  2. Align with what's hot. Take time to assess what you bring to the market, then align to what is hot. I'm not an expert in science and math. Right now, those are some hot topics. Scientists and other STEM careers will still need strong communication skills. How can I align my niche to the hot market?

  3. Update. I came into my career when the term soft skills was hot. Not so much now. Although, I have hope it'll come back so I have more minor updating to do. However, the concepts and core principles are still relevant. They'll come back around. In what ways am I able to modernize what I know?

  4. Network. Always, always be networking.

  5. Work professional skills. As I network, I'm slowly realizing the benefits of remaining professional. During this time, when my soft skills parts are so out of favor for the trends in social media, science, and math, I'm learning that how I model myself, my response, my attitude, my willingness to take on projects is saying quite a lot about me in the marketplace.

In sum, believe that your niche will circle back around. Take time to work on what you are good at, interested in, and like to do. Leaning into your strengths pays off.

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